During the final step of the dental implant process, dental implant prosthetics customized for your face and mouth will be placed. While your implant is healing, a temporary prosthetic will be placed in the meantime.

Dental prosthetics for dental implants are typically permanently placed and are non-removable. When the time comes for the third and final restoration step in the dental implant process, the temporary dental prosthetic will be removed and replaced with a permanent bridge or crown.


  1. Dental Crowns
    Crowns generally come in porcelain, although they can also be composed of acrylic, differing metals, and gold. The porcelain crowns will be customized to match the color of your natural teeth. Crowns are created in a dental lab and are personalized to fit your mouth. Dental crowns are used to remedy a variety of dental issues, but when it comes to dental implants the crown is placed on the end of the implant and looks like a tooth with the stability to function as one too.
  2. Tooth Bridges
    Tooth bridges, like dental crowns, are available in a variety of materials and are used to fill in the gaps left from missing teeth. They are also created in a dental lab like dental crowns. The bridge will be cemented onto the dental implant and can also be created to match the color of your teeth.
  3. Dentures
    Instead of conventional dentures that are removable you have the option to get full dental implants for those missing all their teeth or most of them. These dentures are permanently placed on the teeth supported by dental implants. They function just like natural teeth and will give you the confidence you have been missing. Dental implant supported dentures will be created in a dental lab and will be designed to fit your face beautifully.


With proper care and attention, your dental prosthetics have the potential to last for the duration of your life. Excellent oral hygiene is necessary to get the most out of your dental prosthetics. Gum disease and other oral diseases can cause your dental crown or bridge to become loose and fall out, making dental hygiene an important priority once the permanent dental prosthetic has been cemented onto the dental implant. You are encouraged to brush and floss daily, keep up with biannual dental checkups, and maintain a regular teeth cleaning schedule to get the most out of your dental prosthetics. Furthermore, it is in your best interest to avoid eating hard foods as this could compromise the dental prosthetic.


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