Once you have made the decision to choose dental implants and invest into your smile and overall heath, the next step is to determine cost and how you will pay for the procedure. One of the most common questions related to dental implants is the price associated with the entire process. Dental implant prices are highly variable and depend on several factors in Portland, OR. Keep reading for more information on how the cost of dental implants in determined.


Generally speaking, a single implant will cost around $2,500 with this being a general ballpark figure and can cost more if bone grafting is needed. The cost of each implant will drop when multiple implants are placed.
For a full mouth implant restoration, the cost can be anywhere from $25,000 to $55,000, which again is highly variable and dependent upon a number of factors.

*Beware of dental offices offering implants for less than $2,000 as the expertise, care, and quality of materials will most likely not be of the caliber it should for such an important procedure unless you are choosing a full mouth restoration service.*

The benefits of restoring your missing teeth are numerous and cannot be undervalued. Do not let the initial sticker shock discourage you from regaining the full functionality of your mouth that you once enjoyed. Choosing dental implants is truly an investment into yourself; think of it as investing into your own human capital. There is no price that can be put a on the ability to eat, speak, smile, and laugh comfortably. Furthermore, dental implants slow down the aging process by protecting your jaw bone and stimulating its growth. An in-depth discussion with a trusted dental professional will help you understand and plan how to make this life changing procedure happen for you.


When planning the financials for dental implants, it is important to remember that it is a medical procedure in which artificial teeth will be implanted into living tissues. More often than not, insurance companies do not cover dental implants but you should still check with your insurance provider when evaluating your financial options. Dental implants are a state-of-the-art medical procedure that will completely change and improve your life drastically for the duration of your life.

Although dental implants have been proven to be effective and extremely successful, it is increasingly important to choose a dental professional that is experienced as even the smallest mistake could result in more harm than good. Getting dental implants is like purchasing a medical service which will help you justify the cost and grasp the importance of choosing a seasoned dental implant professional. Paying for an accomplished professional is well worth the cost as your oral and overall health depends on it.


Included in the dental implant cost is the price for the materials. The materials needed for your dental implant procedure will depend on the number of implants, and the type of implants.

Portland Dental Center understands the concerns surrounding dental implant cost in the Portland, OR area, but you can be certain that the investment is well worth it. Once you are experiencing the benefits of the procedure, you are guaranteed to be happy with this self-improvement expenditure.

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